Yoga Class with Inversions (55 min) 55 min class #5

Yoga Class with Inversions, filmed July 2020, 55 minutes

Enjoy a yoga class with Stacie: Yoga is for everyone!

Chair Yoga teacher trainings (online, self-paced), Chair Yoga books and yoga and meditation online courses.

Take a Yoga break with yoga postures (asanas), guided breathing and relaxation practices. Yoga postures can improve your flexibility, concentration, circulation, mobility, strength, balance, energy and ability to focus. Relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation calm the mind and bring clarity. Yoga is for everyone!

Taught by Stacie Dooreck, Certified Yoga Instructor, creator of SunLight Chair Yoga teacher trainings and self-paced online courses, Bay Area office yoga instructor, Stress Management Specialist for the Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program in N. CA and author of SunLight Chair Yoga: yoga for everyone! books.

Consult with your doctor before starting this exercise and yoga video for any health concerns or precautions. Stacie Dooreck is not liable for any injury sustained as a result of practicing this video. Rest and stop if there is any discomfort. Modify all poses and exercises as needed.

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